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Color Genetics 3
Spanish Mustangs
Or "Appy"
Here are just a few examples
of appaloosa patterns found in SSMA horses.
I am presently collecting pictures.
I will include them as they come in.
A frost pattern can be any base color with white hairs
scattered throughout the coat and concentrating typically
When concentration is particularly heavy over the rump it
is often said to have a "frosted blanket".
This is most often referred to as "Appy
roan pattern.
The appy roan foal  is often born nearly
solid in color, and sheds out nearly white
as an adult. They often retain varnish
marks (concentrations of darker hairs) on
their knees, forearms, nasal bones, ears &
stifle. knees, forearms, nasal bones, ears
& stifle. This pattern is often found in
conjunction with other appy patterns.
The blanket pattern is characterized
by the rump area being white.
It usually has spots included. With
"spotted blanket". The blanket may
white and colored hairs mixed in
the rump region creating a "roan
blanket". When the blanket is small
and seems to consist of bunching
of white spots and hairs it is
sometimes called a "lace blanket"
and occasionally "hip blanket".
collected on the coat. The
falling snow and it has horse
can be any base color white.
They can coat just the and
the "snowflakes" are and the
"snowflakes" are white. They
can coat just the topline or
often are found all one or
more of the other patterns on
the same horse.
contribute their dominant copy of
LP, to all of their foals.
Appaloosa traits consist of white
sclera, vertically striped hooves
and mottled skin mostly found
around the eyes, nose and
genital area

His dam is a bay dun snowflake.